Quantum Optomechanics

A Fabry-Perot type cavity optomechanical system in a dilution refrigerator.


Optical setup for controlling micromechanical oscillators in cavity optomechanics.

Ultra-stable Fabry-Perot type cavity optomechanical system.


High-quality SiN membrane mechanical oscillator used for cavity optomechanics experiments.


The quantum optical control of solid-state mechanical devices, quantum optomechanics, has emerged as a new frontier of light-matter interactions. Our group has been contributing to this development since the beginning, for example with implementations of laser cooling and demonstrations of strong coupling, as well as with introducing novel optomechanical systems, protocols and applications. Recently, we have applied Kalman filtering for optimal state estimation of cavity optomechanical systems, which is a prerequisite for achieving real-time quantum control over mechanical states of motion. In another recent work we have created pairs of single photons and single phonons in an optomechanical two-mode squeezing process, which is a primer for a nano-mechanical single photon-phonon quantum interface. Our current goal is to extend the level of available quantum optical control schemes, for example to the domain of quantum non-demolition measurements.         


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