Quantum Control of Levitated Systems

A single silica nanoparticle levitated in optical tweezer

HollowCore Fiber Setup

Trap Chamber

Necklace of Particles in a cavity

Levitation of solid-state objects is a unique approach to realise (nano- or micro-)mechanical devices with minimal mechanical losses. Besides improved sensing capabilities such systems have the potential for significantly increased coherence time when operated in the quantum regime. Our group combines levitation techniques for optical and magnetic trapping with quantum control via optical or microwave radiation fields. Recently, we have demonstrated optical trapping and cooling of a dielectric sub-micron particle in the standing wave field of a high-finesse Fabry-Perot cavity. In addition, we have been extending our efforts to magnetic and superconducting levitation. We are also combining optical levitation with photonic structures. We have recently demonstrated optical trapping, transport and feedback of dielectric nanospheres inside hollow-core photonic-crystal fibers. This turns out to be an interesting platform to study non-linear flow-dynamics in micro-channels.        


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